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My Top Professional Photos from 2015

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NUMBER 12 - The Hilands are one of my favorite clients. I actually took this shot between sets as the dad, Nathan was entertaining his beautiful daughter. Needless to say this goes to show you the genuine moments always are more rewarding than "posed" images.


NUMBER 11 - The Woods are another great repeating client I've had the pleasure of working with - the matriarch, Cathie has been so supportive of my photo-journey thus far. Her daughter, Melanie (or Mel as I call her) is a bright and upcoming young lady! She's currently Mrs. Northside and has been touring the country in preparations for her college years. This simple, yet beautiful photo of her is one of favorites from the past year.

NUMBER 10 - The Goodman Wedding was so much fun to shoot. This young and easy-going couple were such a delight to shoot as Patrick was acting silly all day and Sarah trusted me to shoot they way I wanted and that kind of trust is rare these days. This photo below was right after the reveal. It really wasn't a "posed" shot, . . they were just standing there and I simply asked them to look over to me, . . .and voila - a beautiful shot. 

NUMBER 9 - I LOOOOOOVE macro photography!! In 2015, I purchased my first true macro-lens to add to my "bag of tricks" for professional photography. Bobby and Brandy are clients and recently had their wedding, the image below was from their engagement session and i finally employed my macro-lense to get this great shot. Bobby did well I must say. 


NUMBER 8 - This photo is so simple in it's execution that it shows how simply radiant a bride can be on her wedding day. We were waiting on the father of the bride to show up so we could do the reveal, she was just standing there looking radiant. A simple, "Hey, look over to me and smile?" was all it took to grab this shot. 


NUMBER 7 - The 2 below are from a wedding I served as a second shooter.  I couldn't decide from these 2 so I ranked them together here. The groom was fun to shoot as he was so easy going and the beautiful bride was looking at her father during the father/daughter dance. 


NUMBER 6 - Armed and Hilarious. Back to the Goodmans again,. . . Patrick has an extensive theatre background with a personality to match. Prior to their wedding, I was contracted to do some Undead editing to the post production - yes you read that right. 
During the groomsmen session, Patrick said "I wish we brought some guns!" To which I replied, . . . "Well, . . . I have some guns!" And his eyes LIT UP! Whenever I travel outside of Houston County - I load up on not only all my photography gear - but my tactical gear as well. Hey, I believe in the Second Amendment and NOT being in fair fight - so i over-do it a bit. I emptied a magazine, emptied the chamber to make my M4 safe - and we added it to the session. See Patrick's face below to see how much fun we had. 

NUMBER 5 - Yes, . . . another macro-ring shot. However, this beautiful ring was lovingly place in a barrel of an A-10 Warthog gun. Heather, my client, is an officer in the Air Force and LOVES the A-10 platform! So this lovely ring, coupled with the kick-assery of the A-10 made for a great shot. 

NUMBER 4 - Wendy is a current client and such a trooper. Originally - Wendy secure my services for her wedding, and unfortunately the wedding was cancelled. So instead of giving up, we took her investment and decided on some photo-sessions this year. Her and her daughter a great ladies and I'm looking forward to shooting them some more. 

NUMBER 3 - Wendy's daughter is the coolest little kid!! And quite frankly - she's one of the best little subjects to work with as she loves being in front of the camera. This shot was from our most recent session and the clients, location and weather all worked well together to get this shot. 


NUMBER 2 - Undead Patrick. Like I said earlier,. . . Patrick and I agreed to "Undead" everyone in the groomsmen party, and below is the result. This was a first for me as they agreed to an "FX Package"  that let me turn the guys in to the "Wedding Dead." 


And NUMBER 1 for 2015 - Heather is a great client getting married in 2016 at Auburn University - REALLY looking forward to that!! We got their engagement session done at Robins Air Force base in Warner Robins, Ga. We got there very early in the hopes of getting some early sunrise shots, and WOAH did we!! It was really overcast and I wasn't expecting the clouds to break - i did say a quick prayer and minutes later we got this beautiful sky!! We had to rush to get in to position as I know we only had minutes to spare!! I was running around, barking orders all the while as i was rushing to set up my gear. Then we got this great shot!!! It's truly my favorite of 2015!!!





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